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Indian cuisine has been influenced greatly by the multitude of invaders throughout the country’s history; the Mughals, Turks, Europeans, and Portuguese all left their mark. By adding their own cooking styles and ingredients, they provided a rich diversity, resulting in a unique cuisine. What holds this diverse cuisine together is the aromatic and flavourful spices. The art of Indian cooking is in blending the spices so that they are in perfect harmony in each dish.Northern Indian cooking is rich in meats, nuts, and amazing breads. The cuisine of western India is simpler, focusing on rice and lentils. The eastern coastline is blessed with abundant seafood, which is reflected in the cuisine of the region.Southern India is famous for its legendary pickles and chutneys.Indian cooking categorizes foods into six tastes — sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and astringent. A well-balanced Indian meal contains all six tastes. This is accomplished, in part, by accompanying the dishes with a wide variety of condiments.India village try to deliver all these tastes to its customers as the chef’s working here are well experienced.

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7/49 Rawhiti Road, Manly

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